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In the fast-paced and rapidly changing arena of business communications, you need an experienced and reliable company that can provide you with honest and dependable answers to your questions about telephone systems, computer networks and communication technologies. Pinnacle Telephone & Data, Inc. has been serving N.C. companies for more than 12 years. Read More >>

The correct installation of your new telephone system is vitally important to the achievement of your business objectives. After all, your phone system, while not being your only means of contact, is your instant communication link. Often, it is how you order resources. It is how you persuade the customer to action. It is how you do your business. That's why we take great care with new system installations. Read More >>

Service is the reason you want Pinnacle Telephone & Data, Inc. to install your next telephone system. Price is something you are going to think about one time ... when you make your initial purchase. But you are going to be concerned with the service response of your supplier for the duration of your investment. Read More >>

If you would prefer to rent your telephone system by the month instead of purchasing or leasing, we can provide you with a selection of many fine systems from which to choose. One low monthly payment will permit you to enjoy the use of a business telephone system designed for your needs as well as full-service coverage for any malfunction that might arise. Read More >>