InstallationThe correct installation of your new telephone system is vitally important to the achievement of your business objectives. After all, your phone system, while not being your only means of contact, is your instant communication link. Often, it is how you order resources. It is how you persuade the customer to action. It is how you do your business, daily. For these reasons, we take great care with the installation of your new system.

The first step is the scheduling of your installation as well as your user training. The installation can usually occur within two weeks of the customer's order. Training is typically presented at the customers' offices a few days in advance of the installation. The next step is to review the operating characteristics of your organization. This interview is with either you or your designated contact(s). Using the information from this interview, we design the operating program for your new telephone system. This includes elements such as call routing, feature timers (e.g. Hold, transfer recall, forward/no-answer) as well as programmable feature key assignments on the telephones themselves.

In the final step, we deliver the components of the system to your site and begin the preparation and setup of the new system. Once setup is complete and we have tested the system thoroughly for operational integrity, "CUTOVER" can begin. This is the process of disconnecting your old phone system from your telephone lines and station cables and connecting your new system in its place.

On the morning following the successful installation of your new phone system you and your staff are ready to begin using it. Invariably, some questions will arise about the use of one feature or another. With this in mind, we return a representative to your office on that first day after installation to provide guidance for anyone who might be in need. Even beyond that first day, don't panic. If someone in your office desires some assistance with any aspect of the new phone system, please have him/her contact us. We will be happy to "walk" you through the use of any feature or operation you would like.