Service is the reason you want Pinnacle Telephone & Data, Inc. to install your next telephone system. Price is something you are going to think about one time ... when you make your initial purchase. But you are going to be concerned with the service response of your supplier for the duration of your investment.

You want a supplier who is reliable, a company that will answer your call when you need assistance. Instead of searching through layers of bureaucracy to find someone that can address your need, you want to speak with someone who can resolve your issue now; or, at least speak with someone who can schedule a technician to visit your office and resolve your difficulty.

And, of course, service is not just about response, it is about having the parts and supplies available for your needs. At Pinnacle, we maintain a complete inventory of spare parts for all of our customer's systems. This permits our technicians to quickly isolate a malfunction and return your system to satisfactory operation in the shortest possible time.

Training makes all the difference. Our technicians are factory-trained on all the products that we install and maintain. Whether troubleshooting a malfunction or installing an additional VoIP networked location, you can be sure our technicians will provide the very best in telecom service.