Voice & Data Cabling

Wallmount Rack
  • Cat. 5E
  • Cat. 6
  • Fiber
  • Coax
  • Patch Panels
  • Ethernet Switches
  • Underground Cable Plants
  • Building-to-Building Wireless

Whether you want a modest installation of a few voice & data cables for your small business or you require a structured cabling system to support today's requirements as well as the next decade's technology advancements, Pinnacle Telephone & Data, Inc. is your partner.

In many respects, the cabling is the lifeblood of voice and data communications (perhaps your video as well) throughout your organization. Care must be taken in the design of your cabling system to ensure that flexibility, reliability and capacity are all taken into account. These considerations will affect the specifications of the materials to be used and the methods of their installation. The correctly designed and installed cabling system will permit you to avoid costly downtime and expensive repairs.